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Finding Gold On The Streets

I saw an interesting news feature the other day talking about how a man in New York City was sweeping the cracks between the sidewalks around jewelery stores. When I first heard this I couldn’t believe this would work but … Continue reading

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$5 Gold Pan And A Stream = Cash

Most people have heard of old timers searching for gold by panning rivers and streams but it is a popular belief that gold can’t still be found doing this. The myth is that most if not all of the gold … Continue reading

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Metal Detecting

Most people spend lots of money to keep themselves entertained on the weekends but how would you like to not only not spend money on entertainment but actually make money. Using a metal detector is a great hobby and a … Continue reading

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Idea Notepad

It is said that when an idea comes into our minds that it rarely if ever returns during our lifetime. It is for this reason that I always keep a notebook and pen with me at all times. Whenever I … Continue reading

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Selling Your Hair

This is no joke, you can actually make several $100 and up to over $1,000 selling your hair to buyers online. When I read this article I could hardly believe that anyone would pay $1,200 for this womans hair. The … Continue reading

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Make Money Selling Electricity

When most people think of electricity they normally think of a bill but for some smart homeowners they are making money selling electricity back to the electric companies. These homeowners generate there own electricity through solar panels or windmills that … Continue reading

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Living The Passive Income Lifestyle

Since most people’s dream life consists of earning a livable income passively a good way to do this is through passive income. Many of the big time internet guru’s main source of passive income generally comes from affiliates. These affiliates … Continue reading

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1-900 Numbers

One of the keys to starting a new business for me or at least experimenting with an idea are that the business needs to become automated at some point. It also is a big plus if it can also continue … Continue reading

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A Cash Business That Can Be Started On $50

One of my passions is starting businesses and over the years I have come to realize a few things. Almost every business requires employees and lots of overhead. Only a few businesses can be started on a shoestring budget. My … Continue reading

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$100-$150 Paid Focus Groups

When I first started out trying to make money online I researched and tested 100’s of survey sites. Most of the survey sites weren’t worth the effort but among all the testing and experimenting I discovered about 20 survey sites … Continue reading

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