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Winning In The Cash Flow Business

I know not everyone wants the headaches involved with owning investment real estate so I ordered and read the late night infomercial books “Winning In The Cash Flow Business”. In comes in three manuals: 1. Find Em – This book … Continue reading

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Selling Old Cell Phones

A few days ago I was getting some things together to donate to a local thrift shop when I noticed I had a couple cell phones in the boxes of items. Just out of curiosity I decided to so a … Continue reading

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Selling Gold

With prices above $1,400 for an ounce of gold now might be a good time to get rid of some broken or unused gold jewelry. There are several online gold sites that will send you postage paid packets to send … Continue reading

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Home Clean-Outs

With the real estate market so down the last couple of years and homeowners losing their homes this has created a in demand business for cleaning out houses. If there is one thing banks and real estate agents don’t want … Continue reading

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Expired Domains

One little known and untapped market for passive income seems to be buying expired domains. When a website owner for whatever reason doesn’t renew their domain name it’s up for grabs. Since many of these domains/websites had advertised around the … Continue reading

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Why Being Your Own Boss Rules

It just occurred to me the other day why shopping how empty the stores were. Then I realized everyone else is working at their job during the day while I am shopping. When you work from home, specifically the internet … Continue reading

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Free Advertising

If your looking for ways to make more money from your business your probably going to need to advertise more. Advertising costs money but there is a free classified site that gets results without costing a dime. US Free Ads … Continue reading

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$25,000 Homes

With real estate in such bad shape the last few years deals are everywhere. If you have equity in your house now might be a good time to sell even at the reduced market value and buy a cheaper home … Continue reading

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Parking Lots As Investments

I have several years as a full-time real estate investor behind me and although the rental income is nice the management can be a real headache. Tenants call about everything from a clogged sink to the noise the neighbors are … Continue reading

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