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1-900 Numbers

One of the keys to starting a new business for me or at least experimenting with an idea are that the business needs to become automated at some point. It also is a big plus if it can also continue … Continue reading

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A Cash Business That Can Be Started On $50

One of my passions is starting businesses and over the years I have come to realize a few things. Almost every business requires employees and lots of overhead. Only a few businesses can be started on a shoestring budget. My … Continue reading

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$100-$150 Paid Focus Groups

When I first started out trying to make money online I researched and tested 100’s of survey sites. Most of the survey sites weren’t worth the effort but among all the testing and experimenting I discovered about 20 survey sites … Continue reading

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100 Free Stock Trades

Many stock brokerages offer special limited time programs and this includes free stock trades however few also don’t require a minimum initial deposit to open an account and trade for free. Options House is running a special 100 free stock … Continue reading

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Dig For Diamonds

There is only one place in the U.S. that allows anyone to dig for diamonds. That park is called Crater Of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. For $7 adults and $4 children ages 6-12, under age 6 is free, you … Continue reading

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Do You Have Unclaimed Money?

I have moved several times over the years and during those times some addresses were not updated. After reading an article about assets being lost and then discovered I decided to do some research. Lucky for me I did. I … Continue reading

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Why Prepaid Legal is a Great MLM Business

When I first got into the real estate investing business I was pretty ignorant to the possibility of getting sued. I had never been involved in a legal dispute before nor did I ever expect too since I conducted my … Continue reading

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