All Cash Business

A great all cash business is owning vending machines. Not only get you get the machines cheap if you buy them used they can create a nice passive income.

I have owned soda, snack, toy, and candy vending machines. I never liked soda or food vending since the stock had to almost daily be changed out and carry a lot of inventory. Not to mention the machines had to be plugged in for electricity to keep them cold and fresh.

Toy machines were nice but the problem was that only kids would buy them therefore limiting my sales. What did provide the perfect fit was the candy vending machines since you can use a variety of different products based on the store location.

Other than too much heat and the possibility of M&M’s and other chocolate getting to hot and melting it is the perfect vending business. The machines are small, easy to move, and is appealing to adults as well as children. I also like the fact that you can grow the business one machine at a time and grow it as large or small as fits your goals.

If you looking for the perfect cash vending machine business take a look at my ebook on candy machines here.

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