$100-$150 Paid Focus Groups

When I first started out trying to make money online I researched and tested 100’s of survey sites. Most of the survey sites weren’t worth the effort but among all the testing and experimenting I discovered about 20 survey sites that paid well.

I wrote this ebook on the 10 best online survey sites and I later discovered several more which I added on this site in an earlier post. Some of these sites allow you to take phone, bulletin board, and live chat discussions which paid more than the normal online surveys.

I discovered Focus Forward which also has focus groups that pay between $100-$150 per session. Normally these sessions involve meeting up in a office setting with several other volunteers in the closest urban city within your location.

I have attended several of these and they generally last about an hour and discuss your opinions amongst the other survey takers on various items and services. The entertainment value alone is worth the time to go. You meet all kinds of people there and the focus groups pay well and include transportation cost reimbursements.

Most of these one hour meetings pay over $100 and your done. If you have the time and can make it to these focus groups its a nice way to get some extra pocket money. If your interested in these focus groups you can sign up here. This is an easy way to make some money.

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