A Cash Business That Can Be Started On $50

One of my passions is starting businesses and over the years I have come to realize a few things. Almost every business requires employees and lots of overhead. Only a few businesses can be started on a shoestring budget.

My favorite shoestring business is a candy machine business. What’s great about this business is that it is all cash, requires no employees, and has only a $50 start up cost with no overhead expenses. Few businesses have all these benefits with the possibility of building it into a full time business.

For $50 you can buy a used candy machine which I recommend since your wasting your money if you spend several $100 buying one new. Many people buy into the story that all you need to do is buy the candy machines new and your in business. This is a myth and many people end up with the new candy machines sitting in their garage.

You have many people willing to part with their new machines for less than $50, most just want them out of their garage. Take advantage of their laziness and ignorance and put an ad on craigslist explaining that your willing to offer “up to $50” per candy machine. You should have no problem buying one.

The key is in placing the candy machines in paying store locations. Since I did this my self I wrote an ebook on how and where to place them and what types of candy sell the best in different retail locations.

This ebook is the “real deal” since it comes from my experience starting this type of business. If your interested in learning more please check it out at here.

This is one business where the worst case scenario is a loss of $50 but the upside is tremendous and you get to test out what it’s like to be the boss.

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