1-900 Numbers

One of the keys to starting a new business for me or at least experimenting with an idea are that the business needs to become automated at some point. It also is a big plus if it can also continue to make passive income with little to no additional time spent after the business is set up.

Since not to many businesses can meet this standard I have begun to look outside the internet for a new passive income business. Upon doing some additional research I came up with the idea of experimenting with getting a 1-900#. These numbers charge the caller either by the minute or per phone call.

Some of the common 1-900# seem to be around the topics of stock picks, real estate advice, business advice, astrology, etc. Since I couldn’t read anyone’s future to save my life astrology and fortune telling are out of the category.

Stock tips would be ideal but their could be some potential liability if the advice didn’t pan out but I haven’t totally ruled this out. I am leaning towards some time of financial daily advice that I can record everyday and than charge by the call not per minute.

The upfront fees are a little steep especially since you would have to pay monthly fees as well but since I am looking to branch out from the internet businesses I may give it a try. This site looks promising and has lots of additional information if you are looking into the possibility of starting your own Paid Per Call business.

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