Make Money Selling Electricity

When most people think of electricity they normally think of a bill but for some smart homeowners they are making money selling electricity back to the electric companies. These homeowners generate there own electricity through solar panels or windmills that generate their own electricity.

Since much of the electricity goes unused they have found a way to sell this excess electricity back to electric companies and therefore make money every month instead of a bill. The extra bonus is that you never have to worry about electric black outs and you can become more self sufficient and lower your monthly expenses.

There are some really good stories of this here. This business week article tells how one man was able to make several $1,000 a year in addition to supplying his own homes needs.

The only downside to this method is that there is a large up front cost of aroubd $10,000 for the solar panels and other supplies needed to start generating your own electricity. If this up front fee doesn’t bother you this could be a great way to guarantee your own electricity needs and generate some extra income.

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