Selling Your Hair

This is no joke, you can actually make several $100 and up to over $1,000 selling your hair to buyers online. When I read this article I could hardly believe that anyone would pay $1,200 for this womans hair. The article states that there are lots of buyers for anyone looking to sell their hair.

I believe that they make wigs out of the real hair for people whom want to add a new look for themselves. The sad part of this article is that the woman planned to donate her hair to Locks Of Love, a non profit that supplies hair to children with cancer but needed to pay her over due mortgage payment.

That is a tough situation to make a good decision but I believe that many people in her situation would have sold their hair to keep their house. In any case, growing out your hair may be a good way to make some extra money in the future. I guess you could look at it like wearing future money.

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