Idea Notepad

It is said that when an idea comes into our minds that it rarely if ever returns during our lifetime. It is for this reason that I always keep a notebook and pen with me at all times. Whenever I get a new idea for making money I write it down in this notebook.

I have come up with all sorts of ideas for new books, ebooks, websites, inventions,etc. by simply writing down these ideas as they come to me. One of my favorite ways to get new ideas for generating money is by listening to people in public places complaining about all sorts of things.

If you can figure a solution to these problems you may be onto a new business or money making opportunity. The more people you hear complaining about a problem the more money you could make from solving the problem with a service or product.

The key is to write down every idea that pops into your head everyday no matter how crazy it seems at the time. When your sitting down in a quiet area and have time to review these ideas you would be surprised at how easy you can make these ideas pay off.

Remember to always carry a pen and paper with you everyday. You never know when your next idea could make you a millionaire.

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