Metal Detecting

Most people spend lots of money to keep themselves entertained on the weekends but how would you like to not only not spend money on entertainment but actually make money. Using a metal detector is a great hobby and a fun way to spend an afternoon on a weekend. Buying a metal detector is no expensive, in fact, you can buy some nice quality used detectors for less than $100 on Amazon here.

After you own a metal detector you can have many free days of entertainment and fun that can make you many times back the cost of your metal detector. All you need is a good location to search for your bounty. Good locations include beaches, churches, picnic areas, etc. Of course, make sure you get permission from the property owner before beginning your search, most owners don’t mind if you ask them.

What are some possible finds? Gold, Silver, Platinum coins, rings, watches, civil war artifacts, etc. Even if you don’t find anything valuable it is a lot of fun to search. This is a great activity for the whole family and a cheap way to keep everyone entertained and maybe even make some money if your lucky.

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