$5 Gold Pan And A Stream = Cash

Most people have heard of old timers searching for gold by panning rivers and streams but it is a popular belief that gold can’t still be found doing this. The myth is that most if not all of the gold was found long ago in the rivers.

The reality is that almost anywhere there is a stream or river it can produce gold if panned at the right spots. These spots tend to be in areas where the heavier black sand and gravel settles. Prime gold panning areas tend to be at bends in the creek, around crevices of rocks, anywhere that collects the heavy sentiment.

If you go on Amazon you can buy a very nice gold pan for less than $5. Black Plastic Gold Mining Pan Sluice Prospecting Panning 13-1/2″Camping & Hiking Equipment)
that has got high customer reviews. Why not take an afternoon with the family and do a little free and fun gold panning in your local stream. This really is a lot of fun and a great way to stay cool in the summer since you will be sticking your feet in the water while panning. Who knows you may even get lucky and find some gold.

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