100 Free Stock Trades

Many stock brokerages offer special limited time programs and this includes free stock trades however few also don’t require a minimum initial deposit to open an account and trade for free.

Options House is running a special 100 free stock trades to any new account and the free trades are good until August 1 2011. These trades are free regardless if their market, limit, or stop loss orders. The free trades are good for any type of stock including penny and OTC stocks.

If your on a limited budget or are looking to make some small risky penny stock bets this type of account would be ideal. It is also a great account for experienced investors as well since their ease of placing orders and research platform is one of the best in the business.

When the free trades do expire on August 1, they charge only $3.95/trade so its a keeper. This is a little known firm so jump on this deal if you have a chance.

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Dig For Diamonds

There is only one place in the U.S. that allows anyone to dig for diamonds. That park is called Crater Of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas.

For $7 adults and $4 children ages 6-12, under age 6 is free, you can dig for diamonds all day long. This could be a fun trip that could more than pay for itself if you get lucky.

You can even rent all the digging and sifting gear right at the park. Since it is a state park the fees are very reasonable. This seems like it would be a fun trip to take on the way to another destination.

You can read more about the park and what has been found there here.

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Do You Have Unclaimed Money?

I have moved several times over the years and during those times some addresses were not updated. After reading an article about assets being lost and then discovered I decided to do some research.

Lucky for me I did. I discovered $1,000’s of missing stocks that had spun off of companies I owned but that didn’t have my current address. I also found some long lost bank account, dividends, and mutual fund fraud settlements that were due to be paid to me.

I wonder how many people out there have lost assets that they may not be aware of. Every state has a unclaimed property division where you can check to see if your due money. Most have websites where you can type in your name and locate missing money for free.

A good website for locating missing money from any state is here. Even if you think you don’t have any money due to you it doesn’t hurt to check anyway. You might be pleasantly surprised to find a nice check waiting for you.

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Why Prepaid Legal is a Great MLM Business

When I first got into the real estate investing business I was pretty ignorant to the possibility of getting sued. I had never been involved in a legal dispute before nor did I ever expect too since I conducted my behavior and responsibilities appropriately.

Fast forward several years and I have been involved in multiple lawsuits and everyone had little to do with my own actions. Lucky for me my realtor at the time had recommended “Prepaid Legal” which for a monthly fee of around $25 provided the legal answers, recommendations, and representation for these lawsuits.

The first lawsuit involved a pedestrian tripping over one of my rental property sidewalks and suing me. I called the real estate attorney at prepaid legal and they recommended that I not even respond since it was probably a nuisance lawsuit. He explained that “deadbeats” attorneys check the county courthouse for landlords that have multiple properties in the hope that their insurance will settle it out of court. Long story short I never heard back from their attorney.

The second lawsuit involved a dispute with a contractor whom quotes me a price for railings that needed to be added to some steps so I could accept a HUD (Section 8) tenant. After the work was completed the contractor wanted double of what he had quoted me. I tried to rationalize the quote with the contractor but it did no good. After a few calls to the attorney at prepaid legal they wrote a few legal letters including the possibility of a counter lawsuit by me. Eventually the case was settled for the original quote.

I had multiple lawsuits from tenants in relation to eviction hearings and called prepaid legal to find out exactly what I would need to bring to the hearing in order to prove my case and drop the counter lawsuits. I won then all since the district magistrates were so impressed with my documentation.

So for a little money every month you can protect yourself, your family, and your business using this service. Best of all they have a referral commission where your receive a upfront bonus and monthly commissions for every person you bring into the plan.

Their is a fee of $250 to become an associate but this is one MLM/Network marketing program that actually helps people and is not some scam to just make money off of useless junk or services.

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Creating Passive Income From Websites

Creating a website today is very inexpensive and easy. The costs are very low since all that is required is buying a domain name for less than $10 which you can do at Godaddy.com and selecting a hosting company for your domain which you can do for less than $10/month at hostgator.com.

What I really like about creating websites is that once you get it started and post content it’s easy to monetize it and create passive income for life. The posts your reading now will be generating income for many years from now.

Not many things we do in life can generate income long after the work has been done. I never took any classes or studied how to create websites. I just did a little research online and experimented until I figured it out.

This is exactly the reason why I believe that anyone can create their own passive income site on their own very inexpensively. If you get good at it you can create several websites,monetize them with your own ebooks and other income sources and your in business.

You could pass your websites on to the next generation in your family and then they could profit from the income without ever adding to the site. I believe that owning websites can be a better investment than owning stocks or real estate since their are almost no overhead costs.

If your thinking of starting a website do it. I doubt you will regret it and who knows you make make enough income from it to quit your job.

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How To Retire Before 40

After I wrote the ebook “How To Retire Before 40” I decided to make it into a print version book. I used createspace since they print the book when it is ordered. Whether through my site or Amazon the process is the same.

The sales have been pretty good so I can’t complain. If any of you have an ebook that you have produced I suggest you check out having it made into a physical book at createspace. The process is relatively simple.

You submit your book information, have a book cover made and approved, and submit your ebook for review. Once these steps are completed your ready to order your book proof, review it, and approve it. Your all done and your book is now for sale at createspace, Amazon, and your own sites.

The process is fast and easy to finish. There is nothing like having a print book version of your ebook available for sale.

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Benefits of Joining The Military

When I first got out of high school I joined the U.S. Navy for 4 years. To be honest I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

I signed up as a Sonar Technician only because it offered the Navy College Fund in addition to the G.I Bill. At that time I believe the G.I Bill was around $15,000 and the Navy College Fund doubled that to $30,000.

This money allowed me to go to a community college and then transfer to a state university. Going to college didn’t cost me a dime.

This is one of the major benefits of joining the military but few people realize that the biggest benefit isn’t free college money but the VA heathcare you get for life.

I no longer need health insurance since I was honorably discharged from the Navy. It costs $20 per doctor visit and $50 per specialists.

If I ever needed to have a serious surgery or has a major disease the cost is $1,200 for a 6 month hospital stay plus a few dollars per day for food,etc.

I rarely see this discussed when joining the military but if you are looking to be self employed or retire early this is a major benefit.

If your under age 45 and relatively healthy along with no criminal record you could really benefit from spending a few years in the military.

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Why Being Lazy Can Make You Rich

I remember reading a story about Ford Motors Company when they had brought in a efficiency consultant to lower costs. The story said that the consultant went through the entire company looking for cost reductions.

Henry Ford asks him his thoughts and he included an observation that the man across the hall was just sitting there everyday doing nothing.

Henry Ford responded that that man sitting there has come up with new ideas that have made the company millions and that he’s fine as he is.

The point of the story is that so few of us just sit and relax and allow our minds to think of new ideas and business opportunities that we are literally throwing away money being busy all day trying to make money for our bills.

Imagine if you set aside a few hours a week when you could just think up new money making ideas for inventions, businesses, etc. More money is made thinking than doing.

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Free Money In Atlantic City

I recently took a trip down to Atlantic City to stroll the boardwalk and do a little gambling at the casinos. While I was there I noticed that many of the casinos are offering $100 free to new players signing up for the casino comp cards.

Comp cards are great since they get you free casino money, merchandise, meals, hotel rooms, etc. If you have never used them before the card looks like a credit card and is inserted each time you play a slot machine. This tracks your play and calculates rewards based on this information.

Since comp cards are free to sign up for you really have nothing to lose by getting them and everything to gain. The free $100 can be cashed out after playing through the original $100 and therefore keep any winnings.

This is really a win-win situation for new players since they won’t lose any money and can possibly walk away much wealthier than before they came to the casinos. Normally the $100 new player money is only available a few times a year for a limited time.

Now that the weather is getting a little nicer it may be worth your time to head to Atlantic City to stroll the boardwalk and do a little free gambling on the house.

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Why You Should Invest Opposite of Everyone Else

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